Early Warning Signs Your Body is Fighting Pneumonia

1- Coughing

Coughing and sputum are the most prevalent symptoms of pneumonia. Coughing is always a result of an irritation of the airways. Shortness of breath, however, means that something’s up with the functionality of the lungs.

The cough can either be non-productive (dry) or it can be filled with sputum that also might appear clear, yellowish, greenish, or with a blood tinge. The changes in the mucus color stem from infection, bacterial overgrowth, and the overall inflammatory response of our bodies. Thus, coughing and mucus restrict the flow of air in the pulmonary alveoli as the bronchi get narrowed and blocked.

The reason we generally cough is to rid our lungs and bronchial tubes of mucus. Most relentless coughs might take up to three weeks to clear away. Therefore, experiencing a persistent cough or shortness of breath should be quite enough to get you to medical practice.
Some cases might need to include a blood test to uncover any immune disorders, like abnormal white blood cell production that often accompanies a sore throat. Moreover, muscular or nervous issues might cause inflammations at the level of the vocal cords.

If any of these signs are noticed, visiting the doctor, is highly imperative.