15 Causes Of Dry Eye According To Experts

Symptoms of dry eye are numerous, redness, stinging, and grittiness are all signs that your eyes are in need of hydration. 

The condition can either be temporary or chronic, and it is the result of a deficiency in the production of tears by the tear glands. Another reason can simply be the quick evaporation of tears. 

Leaving dry eyes untreated can have horrible consequences such as double vision or infection. No need to panic there are many ways to go about dry eyes.

You may immediately experience relief with some home remedies and over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription eye drops. 

But the best way is to know exactly what causes your dryness and target the root of the problem.

1. Aging

Dry eye is not discriminatory of age. Meaning, it can affect everybody no matter the stage of life. However, this condition becomes more likely to happen the older one gets. Dry eye especially affects people over 50, as the production of tears starts to diminish with age.

Unfortunately, dry eye caused by age is irreversible, yet the use of artificial tears can add some hydration back to the eye and bring some relief.