11 Drinks To Avoid If You Have Arthritis

When it comes to arthritis, we often tend to look out in the wrong places for the cure, causes, or anything the would make the condition a little bit bearable, but the answer might lay right in what you put in your digestive system. What’s being inferred here is that what you eat can worsen your arthritis to a substantial extent. Arthritis is an inflammatory response, hence one should be more vigilant on what may cause the minutest inflammation. 

Besides, beverages take less time to digest, in comparison to chewable food. This denotes that the former react quicker and thus will be more effective at showing you exactly what causes your arthritis and what beverages are best avoided for the betterment of your condition. Arthritis is a tricky condition to figure out and patients tend to experience things differently. With that being said experimenting with different beverages and foods is the only way to know what prevents our joint pain and what worsens it

Stay tuned we’re including 11 beverages to stay away from if you’re struggling with arthritis. 

1. Energy Drinks

This article wouldn’t be as inclusive without the inclusion of energy drinks. They cause so much inflammation for arthritis patients, they had to be at the top of the list. Energy drinks contain substantial amounts of caffeine that do not help with arthritis and actually make the pain even worse. In a couple of cases, it’s caused seizures and heart attacks. In addition to that, they contain high doses of sugar that also aggravate the condition. 

With all that being said, reducing sugar and caffeine intake for arthritis patients is crucial. As science shows, caffeine has a lot to do with gout attacks. And finally, the acid that the energy drinks have, impacts calcium absorption in the bones and causes joints premature degradation.